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What has influenced me so far …

What really influenced me in life was volunteering for a school for mentally challenged children. I was in grade 10 high school and to graduate we had to do 40 hours of community service luckily in front of my high school was a learning center for mentally challenged kids. I walked in one day and asked them if they have space for me to volunteer they happily accepted me and everyday after school I would go there either for half an hour or an hour to help them out. Time would go so fast because I started enjoying being with the kids, as soon as I used to walk in I could see they were all happy to see me and kinda tired from their old teachers. In the beginning, I had a hard time communicating with them but slowly I noticed as soon as we started playing with colors, music, or drawing sketches we all used to get along. It would keep them together and get them all excited every time they completed a certain task. It felt like the best way to communicate with each other had a lot to do by using different aspects of arts, either use of colors, drawings, music and dancing. This is when I started to really understand the language of Arts, I started taking few art classes in high school. In my spare time I would think of games to play with the kids and prizes to give. I enjoyed being with the kids so much that instead of just volunteering for 40 hours I spent over a year helping them. I became quite attached and it was a regular routine for me after school everyday to spend time with kids. It felt like a get a way for me some times, if I was going through any kind of school stress or personal problems in life just by looking at them smile and laugh so genuinely and worry free it would give me so much motivation that my problems didn’t seem anything compared to theirs

The kids inspired me to become a stronger person that I am today and also be happy in life with what ever I’m blessed with. They also influenced me with my choice of career. I started taking art classes as I was in high school while volunteering. I also bought my very first brand new digital camera I would take their pictures and edit them in Microsoft Paint to make it funny and they loved doing it themselves. I also started taking computer science and made simple games in Turing for them to play with, I would customize the game with their pictures and names. After I graduated, the major I chose in University was Marketing but in my spare time I did a diploma in Graphic design. Now a days I do freelance photography and graphic design and whenever someone asks me what got me into photography, it was these kids. I always wanted to capture their genuine emotions and keep them saved for my own memory and motivation.